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Chakkarai Maanga! Sacray Manga!

well just imagine semi-ripe mangoes cooked to soft perfection in sugar and a spice blend, then tempered with curry leaves, mustard seeds and dried red chilli. Tempting isn't it?

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Trois recettes de riz Pour L’été!

À l'île Maurice, deux choses sont si typique de notre île et de l'été, les mangues et la noix de coco. Alors, en pensant aux plats spéciale été, ces préparations de riz de l'Inde me sont venues en tète. Voyons comment ils sont fait.

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Three Rices For The Season

Rice is undeniably the Mauritian staple but too often eaten the same way and simply used to accompany currys and other dishes. Why not combine rice with seasonal produce and very local elements and get our palates all 'summery'? Why not mix green mangoes, coconut, and to cool it off, some curd with rice? Sounds interesting? Here are three rices, very famous in South India, that could very well be Mauritian by all means and make way on those summer meal tables. They are made with ingredients readily available here and very easy to prepare. I propose you three rices for the season, summer. The three rices can be eaten together in small portions each in a same meal, or consumed individually and accompanied by countless dishes. Enjoy!

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Dosai, Dosa etc…The South Indian Series

If we are going to delve into South Indian food, I suppose the Dosai would be a beffiting point of entry. The Dosai is simply a sort of pancake made with a fermented batter of lentils (Urad Dal a.k.a black gram) and rice (generally raw rice). The lentils and rice are left to soak for 5 to 6 hours, then ground to a paste.